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New Release!

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I am EXCITED to announce that my newest book, "Coming Undone: Musings on Life, Love and Hobbits" is going to be released on February 1st, 2015!!!

This is a very personal and important book for me. It's my first foray into non-fiction writing. I took journal entry, blog entries and diary entries from the last six years or so and highlighted my experiences with being depressed while dating. It's a good and powerful read and my hope is that it will empower others to seek help and to know that they are not alone, no matter how alone they feel.

It will be available on Amazon as of February 1st!

Bull Moose Music Now Carries Lilith!

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As of today, The Last Daughter of Lilith is available at Bull Moose Music in Maine!!

Coming Undone

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Coming Undone: Musings on Life, Love and Hobbits
a Non-Fiction work by J.L. Metcalf

Coming February 2015!

"Coming Undone" is a deeply personal work that I put together at the end of 2014. It contains blog and diary entries regarding my search for love and happiness in a difficult and ever-changing world. Will be published via CreatSpace in February 2015! 

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The Last Daughter of Lilith

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The Last Daughter of Lilith
by J.L. Metcalf

Published via CreateSpace in September 2014

Available for purchase:
New England Farm & Artist in East Greenwich, RI
Curiosity & Mischief in Narragansett, RI
Symposium Books in Providence, RI


A man and a woman stand in a clearing in the woods. All around them there is evidence of a fierce battle; trees lay toppled over and the earth has been torn up - seemingly by a giant claw. The woman is panting heavily, her hair hanging across her face. She is clearly struggling to remain standing. Blood drips down her chin to mingle with the stain spreading slowly across her chest. With a grunt she finally falls heavily to one knee and looks up at the man across from her. He stands tall, his face and hands are covered in shallow scratches and his breathing is heavy but he shows no signs of weakening. His eyes glow with an evil light while he watches the woman. Finally he extends a hand towards where she crouches on the ground.

“Come now, end this foolishness.”

“No.” she gasps and places her hands onto the ground, she stays that way for a few minutes her sides heaving in and out with effort. With a groan she pushes herself to her feet and pushes her hair away from her face to look at him. The man watches her with amusement. 

They stare at one another across the clearing and the girl closes her eyes. She speaks quietly to herself, the man cannot hear her but his smile fades when the woman begins to glow with a white light. Without hesitating, the woman walks up to him and places her hands on the sides of his face. The light engulfs them both. The man says nothing but there is fear in his eyes when he looks down at her. The cords in his neck stand out as he tries to hold his ground, he will not run in fear from this woman. His hands clench into fists. He lifts a hand to her face.

“No.” she says and his hand falls to his side, his face clearly baffled. Slowly, the woman raises her hands and puts them on either side of his face. She can see the whites of his eyes when he frantically tries to pull away but she holds him tight. He starts to whimper and tears spill onto his cheeks. The woman smiles kindly at him, “There is no need to be afraid.” She whispers, the muscles in her arms tensing up while she tries to hold him still. Sweat beads on her brow and she grimaces, her breath now coming in gasps but she doesn’t let go. The light around them begins to glow brighter. The mans eyes roll back in his head and he lets out a terrible wail of pain before he falls to his knees to the ground, with a cry of her own she falls with him, never letting go of his face. The white light engulfs them both. 

Two people come running out of the woods into the clearing. Both stop short when they see the glowing forms in the mid- dle of the field. As they watch the light grows brighter and brighter. So bright that they must finally shield their eyes and look away. They hear a wail of pain and then everything goes quiet and the light begins to fade.

Part One: All Things Begin 

Chapter 1

“What follows is a story about a girl who had given up on magic only to be slapped in the face with it. This is a story about love, about saving the world and most importantly, it’s about magic.” With a snort Katrina Williams tossed the book onto the night table. “Rubbish.” She said and looked down at 6-year old Sandy Weaver, the little girl she babysat three times a week. Sandy was fast asleep. It had taken three stories to get the little girl to sleep tonight and Katrina’s voice was tired. She smiled at the little girl, tucked her covers around her and pressed a kiss to her warm forehead, “Goodnight.” She whispered and quietly left the room.

Katrina was an ordinary girl in every way. She lived in a boring town in boring New England. She was a senior in High School but didn’t do anything particularly interesting there. She had once belonged to clubs when she was younger but had since given that up for her studies. To Katrina it was all about getting good grades, graduating and getting into a good college. A college that was very far away from here. She had a wonderfully sweet set of parents and a few friends she liked well enough but overall there was nothing in this tiny little New England town that made her want to stay here forever. She wanted to get away from the place where everyone knew her, where everyone knew her parents, where, as soon as she left the house she was required to be happy and friendly and stop to pass the time with mindless chatter about the weather and local sports teams. She des- perately wanted to go somewhere where she could blend in, where she could hide out for the rest of her life. Katrina snapped the light on in the bathroom and as she washed her hands she studied herself in the mirror thinking that yes, she could most definitely blend into a crowd. Especially in a big city like San Francisco or Portland, Oregon.

She had ordinary brown hair that was trimmed to just above her shoulders. There were times when she thought about cutting it really short but realized that was bound to draw attention to her so she kept it at a nice, reasonable length. Katrina also had ordinary brown eyes, an ordinary nose and other ordinary features not worth discussing due to their ordinary nature. She was average height, average weight and of average intelligence. To sum up, there was nothing extraordinary about Katrina Williams at all. She nodded to her reflection in the mirror. Where other girls would do everything and anything to grab the attention of boys or to make other girls jealous Katrina was pleased that she looked so normal. Life was so much easier that way.

Katrina’s life, her friends, her everything was totally and completely ordinary.

With a sigh Katrina settled onto the couch in the Weaver liviing room to do some of her homework. As she pulled her History book closer her eye was caught by a bright blue book under her notebook. Pulling it out she saw it was another of Sandy’s fairytales. The little girl loved fairytales more than anything else. In fact, she dressed up as a fairy princess at every opportunity and acted out the stories for Katrina. Often, Katrina would have to bite her tongue to keep from saying what was truly on her mind. Katrina didn’t believe in magic of any kind. She found magic to be a crutch people, children especially, leaned on to make life seem less harsh. Katrina didn’t believe in crutches. She believed in good hard work and facts.

She went to toss the book under the table when she noticed that it was the one she had just been reading to Sandy. The one she had left next to the little girls bed. Confused Katrina stood to go check but quickly stopped herself, that wasn’t possible, she thought. I must be confusing the titles. These silly books so often all looked and sounded the same. Though the more she stared at the book the more she began to realize that it was actually a new one, one she hadn’t seen before. With a start she realized the main character’s name was Katrina. Curious, she opened the book.

The pages were blank.

Now totally confused she flipped through the book some more but found nothing, “Maybe it’s a journal?” she said out loud to the empty room. She put the book down and touched the cover again, a young girl with shoulder length brown hair looked back at her. Above her head in sparkly purple letters it said, “Katrina and the Magical Adventure”, “it’s not even a good title.” Katrina scoffed but she couldn’t help opening the book again.

With a startled yell she saw that there were now words on the page, just one sentence, but they caused a little shiver of fear through her body, “Hello Katrina. I look forward to meeting you soon.” And it was signed with a name, “Sebastian”

For a long time Katrina stared at that sentence. From behind her she heard the door open announcing the arrival of Sandy Weavers parents, quickly Katrina slammed the book shut and shoved it into her backpack. She stood and smiled at the Weavers, “Have a nice time?”

Mrs. Weaver grinned, obviously drunk, “Oh it was excellent dear....excellent...” she slurred. Mr. Weaver shook off his coat and nodded, saying nothing.

“Well I’ll be going then.” Katrina said, “Sandy is asleep and was great as always. Good night!” she said quickly, grabbing her coat and bag. She was out the door before the Weavers could reply. She walked quickly to her car, tossing her bag and coat inside. Behind her she heard the door open.

"Kat! You forgot your money!” Mr. Weaver trundled down the path, a grin on his face. He handed a wad of cash to her, “You got a hot date or something?” he asked, panting in the cold February air.

Katrina forced a laugh, “No, no...I...I have lots of studying to do!” she said brightly. Wincing as Mr. Weaver slapped her shoulder hard.

“Thass a good girl! Always studying. I hope Sandy grows up to be just like that.”

“Thanks Mr. Weaver. Well, gotta go.” She said, feeling awkward and cold as they stood by her car.

“Goodnight dear. We’ll be calling you soon. Another party to go to next week.”

“Great. Talk to you then.” And she was in her car racing back to her house. She desperately wanted to pull over and check the storybook again but she forced herself to wait. Her parents were asleep when she got home so she was able to get upstairs and into her room without hassle. She pulled the book out and gasped. The blue and pink sparkly cover was the same but now it had a picture of a bunny and a cow and the title no longer had Katrina’s name. She pried open the cover and sat down hard on her bed. 

It was a regular storybook.

Dropping the book to the ground Katrina sat in her room staring at the walls. Finally she shook her head, “You’re imagining things you nut.” She mumbled to herself. With a snort of laughter she stood up and got ready for bed. Sleep normally came easy for Katrina, though often she had very vivid dreams, but tonight it seemed to take forever. She kept seeing that book cover, so cheery and childish, those words scrawled inside in an ancient looking script. Her brain just couldn’t seem to figure it out. And then there was a whisper, a quiet sigh from the deep recesses of her brain. A voice she desperately did not want to hear and that she worked very hard to repress.

“Maybe it was magic.” The voice hissed.

“No. That’s rubbish.” She mumbled into the darkness.

“Are you so sure?” the voice asked.

Katrina didn’t answer.

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