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War is Here:

"The Dawn Seed"

Book Two in the "Last Daughter of 

Lilith" Saga!

My fourth book is out and available now on AMAZON or in my ETSY shop! Pick up your copy today and continue the journey of Katrina and company by learning more about Lilith, where she came from and what she had to do to save the world...

The Dawn Seed


When we last saw Katrina she was on her way to Lilith to try and save the life of her as well as her own. In "The Dawn Seed" we pick up where we left off while also delving deep into the life of Lilith, an immortal goddess who has seen untold horrors in her long life.

Come experience the Dawn Seed and learn what happens to Katrina, learn what brought Lilith to the brink of death, and find out how the world began!

Available for purchase on AMAZON or if you want a SIGNED COPY, go to my ETSY shop!

Below, I introduce my newest project and collaboration with artist Frankie B. Washington, a comic based on my story "The Rapture" from "Menagerie Of The Weird" - Get YOUR copy today!

What I Do...

Coming Undone: Musings on Life, Love & Hobbits

A memoir on finding your way out of depression to a life of love and joy.

The Last Daughter of Lilith

Available now! A fantasy novel about a girl who discovered she not only has magical powers, but she also has to save the world!

Menagerie Of The Weird

A collection of WEIRD tales all set in the wonderfully bizarre state of Rhode Island. Horror, sci-fi and awesome meet up to create this collection of weird goodness.

Places You Can Find Me...

I have many articles on Hubpages about all sorts of topics, please check me out there by clicking HERE.

All FOUR of my novels; , "The Last Daughter of Lilith", "Coming Undone: Musings on life, Love & Hobbits",  "Menagerie Of The Weird", and "The Dawn Seed" are available by either going to Amazon or by clicking the button below.

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As of January 2015 my books are now available at BullMoose stores in Maine! If you are in the Maine area, go check out my book and say hello!

My book, "The Last Daughter of Lilith" is also available at Great Stories, Inc!

My books are also available at Symposium Books in Providence, RI and online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Below I read from my first novel, "The Last Daughter Of Lilith," ENJOY!

Who Am I? 

My name is Jessica, I am an author and artist living in the Ocean State. Why do I call my site "Juicey Creative Works"? It's simple, one day, a friend of mine was being silly and instead of calling me Jessica, she started calling me Juiceica and it stuck as a nickname. I figured, what better way to promote my business, than to use a nickname given to me by someone I love?

Juicey Creative Works sprang out of a desire to finally create a business that was all mine. I had worked most of my life for other people and I was tired of it. Getting laid off from my "dependable" job (oh the irony) meant that I had time to really think about what I wanted to do. 

It turned out that I wanted to be who I had always know myself to be, a writer and artist. I have published two books. A fantasy novel and a non-fiction memoir piece. Both are on Amazon. I also make reusable tote-bags called "Tee-Totes", they are made from t-shirts and are wonderfully fun and useful!

Please check out what I have to offer and if you want to join my ELetter, I only send it out once a month and I never sell it, please send me a message!



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An old school comics, cards and collectibles show!
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515 Douglas Street(rt 16) right off of rt 146

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